Patio Laying Contractors Farnborough, Farnham & Surrounding Areas

Patio Laying Contractors Farnborough, Farnham & Surrounding Areas

Regent Landscaping have years of experience in laying patios in the Farnham and Farnborough area, are fully insured in case of accidents or damage to your property, provide full written quotations and communicate fully with yopu throughout your landscaping project to ensure you receive the patio of your dreams.

Based in Farnborough we provide patio laying within a 30 mile radius.


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Find a Builder to Lay a Patio in Farnborough, Farnham Area

Regent Landscaping don’t just provide landscaping services they also provide building services in the Farnham area with everything from patios, garden walls, to small extensions and garage conversions.

Patio Laying Tips & Advice

– Clear the area you’ve chosen for your patio to a depth of 15cm to allow room for the hardcore, mortar and paving slabs.
– Lay 5cm – 8cms of hardcore, using a rake to distribute it and even out any bumps.
– Use a wacker plate to compact and level the hardcore. It’s not essential, but stops the rubble moving around while you lay the slabs, making the base solid.
– Hammer wooden pegs into the ground at each corner of your patio area. Tie string around them to mark out the edges of your patio.
– Mix up some mortar according to the instructions on the packet. You can use a cement mixer or mix it by hand in a wheelbarrow.
– Lay down a mortar of about 5 cm in depth before you pace the patio stones on top.
– Once all of the stones have been laid, then it’s time to start edging.
– Once the edges have been completed, it’s worth cleaning down all of the slabs and edges to make sure you remove any mortar spills before they harden.

Choosing Materials for Patios

There are many materials that can be used for patios. Some common materials are brick, cast pavers, flat stone, poured concrete, slabs, pavers and tile. The choice of material should reflect the style of the home and the desired function of the patio.

Some patio materials, like natural stone, are more expensive and require more installation time.

Some materials, like porcelain planks or encaustic tiles, are more modern and seamless.

Some materials, like gravel or fieldstone, are not recommended for dining or sitting comfortably.

What is The Average Cost of a Patio

The cost of building a patio can vary depending on the materials used and the size of the patio. You can expect to pay between £1,000 to £5,000 on average for a new ground-level patio.

Depending on your needs and budget, you can opt to keep costs low by building a simple concrete patio, which will cost closer to below £1,000, or choose to use more premium materials and spend in excess of £20,000

Why Choose Regent as your Patio Contractor

– Experience: Regent have years of experience installing patios.
– References: Ask to see our references and photos of previous work.
– Licensing and insurance: Regent are licensed and insured to protect yourself from liability in case of accidents or damage to your property.
– Written contract: We provide written contract that outlines the scope of work, timeline, payment schedule, and any warranties or guarantees.
– Communication: We are responsive to your questions and concerns and keep you informed throughout the whole project

Farnham Wooden Decking Contractors

Wood decking exudes an inviting and warm aesthetic that seamlessly harmonises with the outdoors. The natural grain patterns, warm hues, and distinct character of wood create a welcoming atmosphere – Farnham Wooden Decking Contractors

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Landscaper for Wooden Decking Farnham
Landscaper for Wooden Decking Farnham

Farnborough Paths & Walkways Contractors

lay a new path Farnham Landscape Design
At Regent Landscaping, we take pride in our walkway designs which help to elevate your outdoor spaces to new heights of beauty and functionality.

As a business, we understand that walkways are more than just pathways, they help seamlessly weave together the natural elements of your landscape.

We explore a diverse range of materials carefully hand picked to suit your unique preferences.
Whether you seek the timeless elegance of natural stone pavers, sleep concrete, or the warm rusticity of wood, we have the perfect material to complement your vision.

Our team of skilled landscapers work tirelessly to source the finest materials, ensuring each walkway exudes unmatched quality and durability.

Farnborough Patio Laying Contractors

The latest Regent landscaping project in Farnborough was transforming this garden with a stunning new patio.

Your dreams and desires are the centre of our design process. Our experts collaborate with you to create walkways that align with your aesthetic taste and functional needs.

From classic straight paths that exude formality and order to winding trails that invite exploration and discovery, our designers craft walkways that beautifully fit in with your landscape, enhancing its beauty while reflecting your unique personality.

By strategically placing these alluring pathways, we transform your outdoor living space into inviting sanctuaries for relaxation.

Intelligently designed walkways can lead you to cozy seating areas, and areas where you can connect with family and friends.

at Regent landscaping, with our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, we guarantee that each walkway we create will surpass your expectations. Trust us to transform your landscape into a breath taking view!

Call For Free Friendly Advice on Your Pathway Needs

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Paths & Walkways

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Farnham landscape Garden Designers

You can contact us by phone on 01252 235766, by email at or by using the contact form below.

Pathway Construction Company Farnham Driveway Contractors

Pathway construction can refer to different things depending on the context. It can refer to the construction of a physical path such as a garden path or a pathway in a park.

Pathways & Walkways Contractors Aldershot ~ Pathways & Walkways Contractors Church Crookham ~ Pathways & Walkways Contractors Godalming ~ Pathways & Walkways Contractors Hindhead ~ Pathways & Walkways Contractors Haslemere ~ Pathways & Walkways Contractors Liphook ~ Pathways & Walkways Contractors Bordon ~ Pathways & Walkways Contractors Fleet

Constructing a Garden Path

There are different ways to construct a garden path depending on the materials you want to use. You can use gravel, paving slabs or block paving. Here is a general guide on how to lay a garden path into an existing lawn using three popular materials

– Gravel path
– Paving slabs
– Block paving

1. Carefully plan your pathway. Think about its position in the garden, the materials you’ll need, the type of soil you’ll be digging into, and whether or not you may need to cut any paving slabs to size.

2. Dig up any turf or plants as necessary, and use a flat shovel or mattock to dig out a trench for your path.

3. If your path is going to be on ground that’s prone to waterlogging, you may need to increase the depth of your sub-base layer.

4. Because laying a path often involves lifting and moving heavy slabs, it’s usually best to ask someone to help you. Wear suitable footwear and gloves when digging, and when handling slabs, sand, gravel, or cement.

5. If you are using a wacker plate, then wear ear defenders and steel toe-capped boots.

6. When using a mortar mix or Slablayer, wear a dust mask, safety goggles and protective gloves, and be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Wet and dry cement can cause skin irritation so please handle carefully and immediately wash off any cement that accidentally makes contact with your skin.

Looking for a builder to lay a new path in Farnham

New garden path required in Farnham rustic style garden path, modern garden path, wheelchair accessable garden paths and walkways call Regent Landscaping for walkways, paths, paving, access routes, hard standing areas, patios, etc.

Farnham Garden Path Laying Contractors

We installed light grey paving on this project to create a seamless walkway, which connected from the side of the property to the front. This transforms the space at the front of the house, adding both functional and aesthetic appeal to the property.

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Farnham Path Laying

1. Resin-bound driveways.
2. Indian-stone driveways.
3. Gravel and stone driveways
4. Block paving driveways
5. Asphalt or tarmac driveway
6. Cobblestone driveways
7. Brick driveways
8. Stamped or pattern imprinted driveways
9. Concrete Pavers
10. Aggregate Driveways

1. Resin-bound driveways.
2. Indian-stone driveways.
3. Gravel and stone driveways
4. Block paving driveways
5. Asphalt or tarmac driveway
6. Cobblestone driveways
7. Brick driveways
8. Stamped or pattern imprinted driveways
9. Concrete Pavers
10. Aggregate Driveways